Warped Tour 2016 - Rise Records

This was the second summer I spent on Warped Tour working with Rise Records. Knowing how life runs on Warped Tour definitely made the transition back to tour life easy, it almost felt like I never left. Most of my friends were back out and a lot of us were on the same bus with our driver from last year, Kenny, who is amazing. The summer was a huge blur, but at least the photos that I took let me stop and remember each day. I took 37,252 photos, spent 50 days on the road, 41 of which were show days. I spent my summer doing exactly what I wanted to do with my life every day and I have zero complaints. 

Ive already talked too much so here are my favorite photos from Warped Tour. Some are of friends, some are of bands, some are of friends in bands. Thank you to Rise Records for having me out for another amazing summer and to the Warped Tour for the amazing people and experiences. I hope to see you all again next summer on Warped Tour 2017.