Warped Tour 2017 - Silverstein

I spent my third consecutive summer on Warped Tour, this time with Silverstein. I was in charge of merchandise as well as taking photos each day. The past two years I had worked for Rise Records as a merchandise assistant and photographer, this time it was all me so it was kind of nerve wracking for the first week until I got into the swing of things. Silverstein was great to work with and this past summer was easily my favorite tour so far!

We played a lot of Top Golf on our off days. Paul Marc is REALLY good at it.

Probably looking at memes

One of the band's favorite restaurants is my favorite restaurant so we ate at Yard House a lot. 

A little background on our "backyard", we covered the trailer door in astro turf and set up plants, rope lights, and even a white picket plastic fence each day so we had a cool spot to hang out! It also made it very easy to find the trailer in the rows upon rows of them each day. 

Friends hangin in the backyard

Paul Marc just before we packed up for the night

Hi Shane!

PK stole my Gatorade, but Its ok


Late night dice game on the way to the next date. Luck was not on my side.

Counterparts put on a basement show on an off day in Tennessee. You can check out my previous blog for even more photos! 

7Counterparts House Show-1-2.jpg

Basement chaos

Bill rockin in Atlanta

Counterparts in Orlando, FL

Guitar boys

My friend Johnny (check out his band Prison) and Mosh Pit Jesus

Off day show in North Carolina

Caleb helping out during Vices

Blitzkreig Bop

Don't cross the tape, or you deal with Kyle

My bus driver, Kenny, from Warped Tour 2015 and 2016. I always enjoy catching up with him, he is an amazing human being!

What did you see Josh?

Beefcake The Mighty VS. Bill!

Just a flesh wound

Hopefully Bill is alright

Bill didnt make it, Beefcake took over bass for Silverstein, we were very afraid

Counterparts threw a few karaoke parties over the summer (HITS ONLY)

Fleur, Shane, and Kate!

Rare photo of me with one of my best buddies Sam! PBR ONLY! (I think Vince took this)

Avery, Sam, Kat, and Carmin!

Jimmy! Jimmy helped sell CDs each day on the tour!

PK just before their set in Hartford, CT

Waiting to hit the stage

Shane in Hartford, CT

Kyle in Hartford, CT

Happy Birthday Spencer!

He is the one who rocks

Josh enjoying the musical stylings of The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain (one of my favorite bands) leveling Virginia Beach, VA

Bill in Virginia Beach, VA

We had a massive storm in Darien Lake, NY. I was actually surprised we had the show happen. My friend Becca was able to get this photo of me, it summed up everyones feelings after weeks of wind storms and rain.

Meeting the fans

Pick a winner

Paul Marc getting some help from the crowd

Getting ready for the APMAs, and watching The Office of course

Red carpet walk at the APMAs

Kate keeping the Silvertooth boys in line




Silverstein driver and bodyguard, Pat, was not pleased with my presence. He moved in quickly to stop all photos, completely covered in camo print I never saw him coming.


Shane in Ohio

Warwick was really excited to try out his new drone.

Josh and Paul Marc about to take the stage

A few people showed up in Detroit

Danny always made sure Silverstein sounded great

Its always great to have Shane help out at the merch table!

Frankie Palmeri of Emmure in Chicago

The right stuff

In Shakopee, MN Silverstein and Beartooth combined to create a machine of pure chaos called Silvertooth. Warped Tour stopped for one hour while they tore the Monster stage apart playing a new original song as well as each others.

Limited edition Silvertooth merchandise was available that day only, and it FLEW out of the tents.

Some Shakopee friends

Real rocker shit

Sticks, our bus plant, was on hand for the chaos. She probably rocked harder than anyone.

Paul Marc and Taylor

Josh slaying it

Kam's turn

Oshie rockin

A lovely day for chaos.

Surfs up

And the chaos comes to a close, for now

The writing and recording of an original Silvertooth song

Chuck and Josh

"The fucking world is an ugly place, but I will die with a smile on my face"

Devin bringin the heavy

Yves is a madman. He would mosh HARD every day to The Acacia Strain and then go right back to selling merch for BAAO, it was great to see.

PK from above

Jesse of Stick To Your Guns


Silvertooth crew did our last off day right. We rented a yacht and invited our friends in Hands Like Houses along and together we partied it up on the high seas. There are so many great photos of this day, but Ill keep it to four!

Photo: Adam Elmakias

And so ended my third Warped Tour! It was an incredible time with some incredible people, hopefully Ill make it back out this summer for one last round of craziness before Warped is put to rest. Until then you can catch me running around the U.S. again after the new year with Silverstein!